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How to take care of skin after pregnancy

How to take care of skin after pregnancy

It is amazing that all the changes of your body experienced throughout those eternal nine months of pregnancy; It’s amazing how that perfect machinery is your body amended, its bone structure to accommodate your small in your hips; It’s amazing how your breasts were transformed into inexhaustible sources of milk to satisfy the hunger of your baby. Gradually, and as time passes, things return to its natural place, but sometimes we need to collaborate with some diet and physical activity. Now that your baby is a little bigger, you are more organized with everything that is your attention and have more time for you, look at your body and your skin discover, some sequels that pregnancy left her, we tell you how to take care of skin after pregnancy.

Dark spots on the face

We have spoken many times of hormonal changes and chemical undergoes of a woman’s body during pregnancy. One consequence visible skin of these hormonal changes is dark spots, chloasma calls that only change in pigmentation.

Generally, they tend to disappear over time, just as the dark line that forms in the womb and called black line. According to experts, people with darker complexions of Hispanic or Asian descent are more likely to have these changes in skin pigmentation.

Another factor that may be influencing the revival of these dark spots is the use of birth control pills, as these also modified your body at the hormonal level.

In our personal case, unfortunately, hormonal changes both pregnancies and pre-menopause products have left as a witness to a dark spot in the zone of the bozo that incidentally bothers us quite every time, we look in the mirror. The solution we found for the moment, and after consultation with a dermatologist is applied both in winter and summer, two or three times daily sunscreen with an SPF of 60. We never leave my house without put me on sunscreen, rain, shine or the sun is shining in the sky. Next winter will make a polished dermatologist in that area, but with sunscreen stain quite clarified.

Combat stretch marks

Unfortunately, the stretch marks are scars on the skin, which can hardly disappear, but become less noticeable over the course of months, being the beginning of a purple or reddish, then turn pink. Creams containing vitamin A and tretinoin can collaborate to improve the appearance of skin areas affected by stretch marks, but it is always advisable to consult with a specialist who can prescribe the most appropriate for your skin type.

Note that, many of these creams are contraindicated in the case of you’re still breastfeeding, so, we reiterate the importance of medical consultation in all cases.

Look in the mirror and be reconciled with the image that you back, take care of your skin and gently massaging creams recommended by your doctor.

And if still not drawn a smile on your face, hear that song by Joan Manuel Serrat, “A naked woman in the dark”, especially that part where it says: “A naked woman in the dark, generates a light turns on itself and us, the ceiling becomes heaven, and glory is an innocent, a woman wanted or envisioned, fall apart after death”.

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