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Natural beauty secrets all women should know

Natural beauty secrets all women should know

Women love to hear about natural beauty secrets. That and recipes (both for cooking and beautifying). All women desire to be considered naturally and effortlessly lovely. In the old times, a woman’s attractiveness and elegance are key to marrying well and having a comfortable life. Everybody looks up to a gorgeous woman.

Women of all periods and races have nature-based traditions and home-grown skin care that they follow religiously despite modern-day, mass-produced skin products. The Greek women of old have passed on their olive oil skin care recipes to the next generation. Today, the Greeks and women from around the world have not stopped raving about the many possibilities using this precious oil. They have even found new applications using olive oil, thus the birth of more skin care tips and recipes.

The Chinese and other Asian women have their thousand-year-old bismuth-based complexion enhancers, pearl face creams, beauty teas, and herbs, all of which the Chinese (and women from around the world) still use today to make their complexion creamier and more luminous. The French and the English have their time-tested recipes for flower infusions for skin revivifying and use in perfumes and soaps. The Indians have their ancient Ayurvedic beauty traditions that have yet to be excluded from a modern Indian woman’s beauty regimen. These beauty recipes are being embraced globally today. You would really love to try them all if you could. So many beautiful ways, so little time!

Natural Beauty Luxuries

Explore the best natural beauty rituals that women have used regularly to maintain their youthfulness and beauty. These go way back and include facial steams and affusions, which are very important in looking young and in thwarting wrinkles, dryness, inflammation and other skin irritations. These practices have rarely been popularized and you will be surprised at both the simplicity and complexity of the recipes. Best of all, you can make these formulas at home using mostly ingredients that are already in your pantry. Some recipes will also include herbs and essential oils, and other tips that will revitalize your skin. Each concoction is truly a luxurious and refreshing experience!

Homemade masks are a favorite staple in any effective natural beauty ritual. If you are not yet a fan of homemade masks, you will wonder why you haven’t included natural mask recipes in your beauty regimen years ago after you tried the mask recipes I included in this website. These are just some of my favorites! Homemade masks are best for deep-cleansing, removing blackheads and whiteheads, and improving the texture of the skin. Natural face masks also immediately invigorate your skin and improve microcirculation. They instantly nourish the skin and the very act of covering the face entirely with healthy and potent ingredients starves acne-causing bacteria of much-needed oxygen and breeding capability.

Homemade Body Beautifiers

Body masks and wraps are not only great for enhancing a natural overall glow through improving skin elasticity, but also for removing cellulite and fading scars and stretch marks. Don’t forget to alternate these masks with a gentle face and body scrub recipes that naturally exfoliate and polish, removing dead skin cells. An important tip: body masks or wraps are ideal, one to two times a week, two or three days apart we don’t want to over-recharge the skin by successive beauty activities, no matter how invigorating. Too many treatments in a week may just result in patchy, tired-looking or itchy skin. You can do scrubs once or twice a week, two or three days apart, depending on your skin’s needs or sensitivity threshold.

When done systematically and not too vigorously, natural scrubs facilitate lymphatic drainage, an important aspect in preventing degeneration of the skin and in supporting cleanliness inside the body. Through scrubbing, the increase in circulation encourages lymph nodes to perform a better job of filtering chemicals, bacteria and other disease carriers that may result in free radicals. You get skin that does not easily succumb to environmental pollutants and bacteria.

Perfect Cleansers and Toners

Need I say more? Go for magic recipes that provide gentle and effective cleansing! Cleansers, toners, and moisturizers from nature are the healthiest beautifiers you can put on your skin. Make a habit of concocting these homemade facial cleansers, toners, and moisturizers for the face and body. They are truly invigorating and smell heavenly too! The early Egyptians have been known to use ben oil or behen oil from the nuts of the horseradish tree (moringa) to soften and hydrate their skin (they sure need it with the sun shining all day there). In Southeast Asia, one of the natural beauty secrets of Pre-Hispanic Filipinas was using the leaves of the horseradish tree to keep their skin soft, firm and young-looking – although the recipe they use is mostly for cooking (by boiling the leaves with several other spices and meat and eating it as a main course).

Toners made from natural ingredients and herbs provide 10 times the refreshing and conditioning powers of commercially prepared products, and without the irritating and often dangerous side effects of chemicals, parabens, preservatives, alcohol, and other synthetic additives.

Freshen Up with Heavenly Mists

Natural face and body mists are a great way to freshen up throughout the day. My close friends are thrilled whenever I make for them a simple rosewater mist (using a really very easy recipe), which is also one of my favorite skin pep-ups. Floral and fruity face sprays are great to use any season and whether you are au naturelle or with make-up on. Mists are one way of uplifting not only that dry, oily or tired skin feeling it’s also a great way to enhance your mood, stimulate your mind or relax you in times of stress.

With 100% natural atomizers made from infusions, make sure your spritz bottles have been sterilized in boiling water for 15 to 20 minutes before use. Keep your mists in the fridge when you are not bringing it along or when you are staying home. They keep longer that way. Another essential atomizer tip: glass bottles and sprays with very fine water dispersion are the best instruments for natural spritzes. A spray dispensing large spurts will smudge your make-up. Always spray several inches away from the face.

Avoid using plastic materials in any natural beauty undertaking. Plastic containers tend to influence, rob, or diminish the scent of infusions, not to mention that plastic is unhealthy and unnatural for pure applications. Naturally derived scents are therapeutic: providing the overall body and mind boost or relaxation you need to keep you on your toes at work and handle stress. That is why aromatherapy is such a hit with busy and anxious people today.

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