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Your ultimate guide to natural beauty

Guide to natural beauty

We all dream of being beautiful naturally and wonder how best to do it. Bright skin, eyes without dark circles, long shiny hair, a face free of impurities and acne are every woman’s dream.

It is right to put first things first in any major undertaking, and finding beauty is a major project. Remember that the best beauty tips always provide good advice on healthy nutrition and the proper lifestyle before suggesting the use of a good natural recipe or beauty product.

This article will walk you through all the basics you need to consider and will show you the path to Natural Beauty.

The rudiments you need to know to get Natural beauty

1 / Diet and lifestyle:

Junk food is not advice for natural beauty

A woman seeking to improve her overall beauty must begin by looking at her diet and lifestyle. I am not going to fool you into thinking that externally applied natural solutions, no matter how truly potent and effective, are enough in beauty care. The glow begins inside. All the natural, organic and powerful creams, concoctions, cosmetics and blemish removers in the world would be useless in the upkeep of your skin and overall health if something is amiss inside your body, you are sedentary, or keep consuming unhealthy food.

A fast-food or unhealthy diet triggers the desire to overeat because the body is deprived of essential nutrients: it is literally crying out for you to keep eating until its vitamin stock is replenished. The most practical thing to do is to consume healthy food in the first place to satisfy the body desire for healthy nutrients. The results? A trim and healthy body PLUS lovely skin.

Everyone (women, specifically) is born with beautiful skin and with the potential to maintain one’s beauty and youth for a lifetime. The truth? Perfect skin is just good health spilling over from the inside.

So do the basics first: cleanse your body by altering your diet. You may need to detoxify before anything else.

2 / Get Rid of Toxins

Detoxification is key to natural beauty

Detoxification will consist of avoiding unhealthy food for a week, a month, or if possible, forever. These unhealthy foods include junk, starchy, greasy and preservative-laden foods like sweets, soft drinks, crispy snacks, refined bakery products and other deep-fried, fast-food munchies that may be part of your diet. You must take in at least eight glasses of water, and keep from overheating while on a detox program, which may last from three to five days. Regardless of what some beauty experts may claim, water intake has a very important role in skin health, flushing out toxins in and from the skin and out of the body.

Some people do not like to detoxify because the skin will look awful for a couple of days or longer. You might also experience headaches and insomnia as I do, but the detox will be worth it. Detoxifying will heal your body by ridding it of most accumulated toxins, particularly those responsible for problem skin. Women of old Asia have been known to use essential-oil facial steams, saunas and other detoxifying rituals to sweat out toxins that cause dullness and discoloration of the skin, as well as add luminosity to the skin before wedding ceremonies and major celebrations.

The signs that the body is detoxifying effectively include increased dryness or oiliness of the skin, unpleasant body odor, and the appearance or increase of pimples, rashes, and other irritations or inflammation. These are the toxins that have been swimming in your bloodstream or just hanging around in your deep skin layers, waiting for a chance to come out. Detoxification expels them fast from your system.

Take note: detoxification is excellent not only for your skin but also for your figure, it will lead to a trimmer physique if you stick to a healthy diet. Perform these beauty basics as soon as you can. It’s your first step to natural beauty.

3 / Beautifying Foods

Healthy diet is key to natural beauty

Switch to a diet of organic fruits and vegetables. After a detox, prefer fruit and vegetable juices, pure water and teas over coffee, milk, beer and fruit drinks that are just sugar and artificial flavors. When you feel like drinking beer or snacking on potato chips, reach for fruit instead, or make a carrot-apple shake, which is not only skin-invigorating but makes you feel fuller. Your skin will thank you by sporting a radiant glow. You need a lot of pure water in maintaining your skin’s elasticity, which is the basis for one’s youthful looks. Vegetables and juice from raw, organic fruits are also instrumental in maintaining the perfect weight for you, as the body would feel much healthier and fuller when it is taking only the best nutrients and fiber from the most natural sources.

If you must have meat, choose free-range chicken and organically raised livestock, as well as fish caught in the wild instead of commercially raised livestock and farm-raised fish that have been given antibiotics, hormones and poor-quality feeds that also might be genetically modified. Your beauty basics regimen will be thrown out of whack if you continue to eat non-organic or commercially raised livestock. Click here to find out why organic food is the best for one’s health and good looks.

4 / Natural supplements to natural beauty

Suppliments help to get natural beauty

Natural supplements are necessary for both body and skin health. On top of healthy food, we must also take natural health supplements, especially if we have a problem or aging skin. They truly work wonders in revitalizing the skin and boosting the body’s ability to preserve your skin’s brilliance and overall health. Because of the countless pollutants of modern living, food is not enough to keep us healthy and glowing. I swear by the wonderful beauty benefits of quality health supplements. My dad and mom are avid supplement fans, too. But be wise in choosing health supplements and make sure to select only those standardized for potency, pure and organic, and prepared in facilities using the best natural processes.

Your beauty supplements must not be formulated with artificial color and flavor, as well as allergens such as egg, gluten, corn, yeast or soy.
You must also understand that most beauty supplements have side benefits – as opposed to side effects – on your overall health. You’ll be surprised in the long run that you not only look good outside, you feel fabulous inside too! Another step to natural beauty.

5 / Exercise for Beauty!

Exercise is important to get natural beauty

Exercise is vital in keeping you fit and beautiful. An active lifestyle helps in detoxifying your body. Toxins exit our body every time you sweat. Sadly, this is one of the beauty basics that women often don’t have time for. Aside from detoxification, exercise adds a healthy glow to the skin and increases the skin’s elasticity, aside from enhancing practically every important aspect of life and health: your brain power, your capacity for happiness and good mood, your heart’s health, lung power, your bone density, and your overall strength. Exercising at least four times a day for 30 minutes or so is very important to get healthy, blemish-free skin.

6 / Use natural cosmetic products and home recipes

Natural cosmetic products and organic home recipes help you get natural beauty

Why do we have to use natural beauty products? well, the answer is pretty simple: every day we are exposed to different kinds of chemicals and our body absorbs them.

We use about 12 products average a day. These 12 products can contain more than 150 chemicals, which are put on the skin, lips or hair. Imagine what will happen to your skin and your body if you are exposed to all these toxic chemicals in the long run. Dull skin, irritation, inflammations, and many other health concerns.

When buying cosmetic products, you should pay attention to the ingredients they are made of, and make sure they don’t contain paraben or other harmful substances. You can read more about the chemicals in cosmetic products here.

Another natural alternative would be to use natural home recipes. Use castor oil, olive oil, almond oil, turmeric, avocado, Mineral Clay and other countless natural ingredients. They are safe, organic, and super effective in skin care and hair care…

Grasp these beauty basics and please follow them! You will never go wrong by adopting a healthy lifestyle. It’s your key to Natural beauty.

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