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Ingrown Hair infection hair Ingrown Hair after hair removal

Ingrown Hair infection after hair removal? Forget About It!

Ingrown hair infection is a very common problem for men and women, especially if they have thick and curly hair. You shave your skin, it looks smooth and nice for some time, and then, after a day or two (or even after some hours in some cases), the real hell begins: your hair starts to grow underneath your skin, those red bumps appear, inflammation and itchiness start to trouble you… And yes, it’s also really painful sometimes (especially when ingrown hair occurs […]

Natural beauty secrets all women should know

Natural beauty secrets all women should know

Women love to hear about natural beauty secrets. That and recipes (both for cooking and beautifying). All women desire to be considered naturally and effortlessly lovely. In the old times, a woman’s attractiveness and elegance are key to marrying well and having a comfortable life. Everybody looks up to a gorgeous woman. Women of all periods and races have nature-based traditions and home-grown skin care that they follow religiously despite modern-day, mass-produced skin products. The Greek women of old have passed […]

Guide to natural beauty

Your ultimate guide to natural beauty

We all dream of being beautiful naturally and wonder how best to do it. Bright skin, eyes without dark circles, long shiny hair, a face free of impurities and acne are every woman’s dream. It is right to put first things first in any major undertaking, and finding beauty is a major project. Remember that the best beauty tips always provide good advice on healthy nutrition and the proper lifestyle before suggesting the use of a good natural recipe or […]

How to take care of skin after pregnancy

How to take care of skin after pregnancy

It is amazing that all the changes of your body experienced throughout those eternal nine months of pregnancy; It’s amazing how that perfect machinery is your body amended, its bone structure to accommodate your small in your hips; It’s amazing how your breasts were transformed into inexhaustible sources of milk to satisfy the hunger of your baby. Gradually, and as time passes, things return to its natural place, but sometimes we need to collaborate with some diet and physical activity. […]


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