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How good are you in makeup

Quick Quiz: How good are you in makeup

How good are you in makeup? Do you know your level? Are you a real passionate who knows everything about everything, or a beginner who wants to test his knowledge? This quick quiz of no more than 10 questions will let you know. Good luck, do not forget to tell us your score in the comment section and share the result with your friends to measure up to them.

beauty tips for all the lazy girls

12 great beauty tips for all the lazy girls out there

Too lazy to do your makeup every morning but you still want to look great? No worries, these 12 beauty tips will make your life easier. Trying them out only once and you’ll adopt them for life. You can also check out the 4 most powerful and effective DIY makeup remover recipes. 1 / Add a little peppermint essential oil to your lip gloss to give more volume to your lips. It also works with cinnamon essential oil. 2 / […]

Meet Marian Avila, a young model with Down Syndrome

Meet Marian Avila, a young model with Down Syndrome

Marian Avila became a model. With Down Syndrome, this 21-year-old Spanish girl made her first appearance at the New York Fashion Week, with American brand Talisha White. She makes her dream come true and breaks the glass ceiling in the fashion world for people with his disability. Marian Avila, a dream not hampered by disability   Voir cette publication sur Instagram   Ignora lo negativo, siente tu fuerza interior. ✨✨ Ignore the negative, feel your inner strength. . #marianavilamodel #magic #thanks […]

Top 10 Makeup Artists You Should Absolutely Follow On Instagram

The top 10 makeup artists you should absolutely follow on Instagram

Thanks to social networks, the makeup artists who once worked behind the scenes are more open to share their work, techniques and beauty coup de coeurs, with their fans and followers all over the world. Today, Instagram has become a real niche for bloggers and makeup artists. Nail art, tutorials, inspiration… it has become THE new source of inspiration for fashion and beauty. On a daily basis, the social network is fed by video tutorials, makeup to copy, advice, reviews […]

toxic chemicals in cosmetic products

7 toxic chemicals in cosmetic products you don’t know about

Let’s dive into the dark side of the beauty industry, and go beyond the tempting shopping experience, the colorful packaging, and the captivating scent that comes out of the cosmetic products we use. Let’s for once question the components contained in our beauty products. what are they made of? Cosmetics consist of different types of components, chemicals substances and other ingredients, each of which plays a role in the final preparation. About 400 different toxic chemicals in cosmetic products are now […]


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