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The 4 most powerful and effective DIY makeup remover recipes

Diy Makeup Remover Recipes

Many of us tend to sleep without removing the makeup, forgetting to remove it or just get lazy about removing it. (Sometimes your makeup is so stunning that you just decide to go to bed without removing it..). Well, Continue reading to learn why you shouldn’t, and the 4 most powerful and effective DIY makeup remover recipes you should try.

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5 bad things that happen to your skin when you sleep with your makeup.

1 / Sleeping with makeup dries the skin

In the evening, the skin natural capability of self-hydration decreases. If dirt, oil, and makeup have got into your skin, then it’s even harder for your skin to get hydrated.

The result, not surprisingly, is dry, friable skin that is hard to moisturize sustainably with just one cream.

2 / No makeup removal? Hello, dull skin.

Not removing your makeup is the door open to the accumulation of dead cells on the surface of the skin.

In these conditions, having dull skin is not surprising: dead cells simply prevent the reflection of light on your pretty cheekbones and the tip of your nose.

That’s enough to convince you to remove makeup and make regular skin scrubs, right?

3 / Sleeping with makeup promotes acne.

Sleeping with makeup can be one of the reasons for adult acne.

Obstructed by dust, perspiration, and makeup, the skin will not breathe properly during your sleep. Sebum accumulates under the surface of the skin and the next day: Tada… A pimple is born.

4 / Leaving your makeup overnight cause chapped lips.

The skin of the lips is one of the most sensitive areas of the body. One or two degrees of temperature less, a long-lasting lipstick, and that’s it, you have chapped lips, cracked, rough at will.

Keep your gloss all night and it will fall on you like the rain: on awakening, your lips will start peeling.

5 / Not removing makeup causes inflammation of the skin.

The skin naturally acts as a shield against the environment around it. The healthier it is, the more it regulates itself according to external aggressions.

This natural barrier works like a set of bricks (skin cells) and cement (lipids, natural fats)

When you forget to remove makeup before sleep, the foundation, the blush, and the highlighter, coupled with accumulated dirt, disrupt the skin. There is no more cement to hold the bricks together and the wall is open to all winds.

Also, you should know that the daily beauty products we use, contain toxic chemicals that could penetrate your skin and cause damages you don’t want.

Read about the toxic chemicals in your beauty products here.

The 4 most powerful and effective DIY makeup remover recipes

Here are 4 DIY makeup remover recipes that actually work :

1 / DIY makeup remover: Olive oil or Almond oil

You will need:
Olive oil or almond oil

How to use :
Add a few drops of olive oil to a piece of cotton, wipe your face with circular movements when removing eye makeup, put the cotton piece on the closed eye for 10 seconds and then wipe gently.

If you do not have cotton, put a few drops of oil on the tips of your fingers and then rub the oil On your face well, use a soft paper towel to remove excess oil from your face.

2 / DIY makeup remover: Milk and Almond oil

You will need:
Full tablespoon whole milk.
Three drops of sweet almond oil.

How to use :
Put the ingredients in a small bowl, mix the milk with some drops of sweet almond oil.

Put a piece of cotton in the milk solution and wipe it and face, use a piece of cotton clean to clear the milk and oil,

Be sure to rinse your face completely to remove all traces of milk.

3 / DIY makeup remover: Yogurt

You will need:

How to use :
Put a quantity of yogurt in a dish, then dip a piece of cotton in the milk and wipe the makeup well, wash your face well after finishing with cold water.

4 / DIY makeup remover: Coconut Oil

You will need:
Coconut Oil

How to use :
The benefits of coconut oil are endless, as it helps to moisturize the hair, skin and thicken the eyelashes. It also has a wonderful ability to clean the skin and break the remnants of cosmetics.

Just fold a piece of cotton with two drops of warm water and then a little oil and wipe your face in circular movements, and when the cotton is completely stained, replace it with another cotton until the makeup is completely removed.

Find more about coconut oil benefits for the skin here.

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