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12 great beauty tips for all the lazy girls out there

beauty tips for all the lazy girls

Too lazy to do your makeup every morning but you still want to look great? No worries, these 12 beauty tips will make your life easier.

Trying them out only once and you’ll adopt them for life.

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1 / Add a little peppermint essential oil to your lip gloss to give more volume to your lips.

Beauty tips - give more volume to your lips

It also works with cinnamon essential oil.

2 / Use a white or light color eyeliner to make your eyes / look stand out.

Beauty tips - make your eyes look stand out

hide your tiredness / hangovers.
More tips on hour to make your eyes stand out here.

3 / If you mistakenly bought a darker foundation, add a little moisturizer to the mixture to lighten it.

Beauty tips - lighten dark foundation

4 / If you want fuller lips, apply a light pencil to the center of your lips.


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5 / If you want to make your old mascara last a little longer, mix it up with a little contact lens liquid.

Beauty tips - make your old mascara last a little longer

6 / If you want longer eyelashes without extensions, apply talc powder on your eyelashes before your mascara.

Beauty tips - longer eyelashes

Simply use a cotton swab to dab talc powder between each application of mascara and you will get longer and thicker eyelashes.
More tips on how to get thicker and longer eyelashes here.

7 / To hold your lipstick all day, place a tissue on your lips and sprinkle with translucent powder on them.

Beauty tips - longe lasting lipstick

THERE YOU GO ! A long-lasting lipstick that does melt.

8 / Too lazy to do a complete manicure, just lighten and clean your nails with hot water, baking soda, and hydrogen peroxide.

Beauty tips - clean hands without manicure

Baking soda and hydrogen peroxide will remove the dirt and coloration in your fingers and nails and make them look clean.

9 / Add a little cornflour to a glossy polish to give it a matte finish.

Beauty tips - matte nail polish

10 / Drying your hair with a T-shirt instead of a towel will save you a lot of time.

Beauty tips - dry hair fast with tshirt

T-shirts are much more absorbent and will dry your hair much faster, especially if they’re made of cotton.

11 / Want a matte lipstick, don’t buy one! Just add concealer to your old lip gloss. it will give it the matte finish you love.

Beauty tips - matt lipstick

12 / Dab a little transparent lip balm on the top of your upper lip to give more volume.

Beauty tips - more volum to lips

More on how to give more volume to your lips here.

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