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Meet Marian Avila, a young model with Down Syndrome

Meet Marian Avila, a young model with Down Syndrome

Marian Avila became a model. With Down Syndrome, this 21-year-old Spanish girl made her first appearance at the New York Fashion Week, with American brand Talisha White. She makes her dream come true and breaks the glass ceiling in the fashion world for people with his disability.

Marian Avila, a dream not hampered by disability

Becoming a model is the dream of many girls. But growing up, many of them abandon the idea by confronting the harsh reality of the closed world of fashion. With tenacity, Marian Avila, she walked towards her goal at a steady pace. This 21-year-old Valencian native of Benidorm has become the first Spanish girl with Down syndrome to appear during New York Fashion Week for the Talisha White brand.

Despite her disability, Marian Avila has managed to break the codes and the many stereotypes that convey the microcosm of fashion. To do this, she was helped by stylist Talisha White who is passionate about representing women in all their diversity.

This exhibition in New York has attracted the attention of major magazines, such as Harper’s Bazaar and Vogue. The young woman has also landed several appointments with modeling agencies.

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