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Diy Makeup Remover Recipes

The 4 most powerful and effective DIY makeup remover recipes

Many of us tend to sleep without removing the makeup, forgetting to remove it or just get lazy about removing it. (Sometimes your makeup is so stunning that you just decide to go to bed without removing it..). Well, Continue reading to learn why you shouldn’t, and the 4 most powerful and effective DIY makeup remover recipes you should try. For more beauty tips check out these 12 lazy-girl beauty hacks. 5 bad things that happen to your skin when […]

Top 10 Makeup Artists You Should Absolutely Follow On Instagram

The top 10 makeup artists you should absolutely follow on Instagram

Thanks to social networks, the makeup artists who once worked behind the scenes are more open to share their work, techniques and beauty coup de coeurs, with their fans and followers all over the world. Today, Instagram has become a real niche for bloggers and makeup artists. Nail art, tutorials, inspiration… it has become THE new source of inspiration for fashion and beauty. On a daily basis, the social network is fed by video tutorials, makeup to copy, advice, reviews […]

ghassoul clay organic skin care

Moroccan Rhassoul clay, an organic skin care

Today’s ingredient is totally in line with the spirit of “To Natural Beauty”, a natural element produced spontaneously in the magnificent underground factories of Mother Nature. Rhassoul clay is a brown clay/dirt mined from deep under the Atlas Mountains of Morocco. In Morocco, women are still preferring Rhassoul clay as an organic skin care to any other modern products. So, let’s have a look at the benefits of Rhassoul clay, and how it will make your hair and skin look brighter. […]

The use of castor oil for hair growth

The use of castor oil for hair growth

Today, we will answer a few questions about Castor Oil. What is it? How is it made? and the use of castor oil for hair to promote its growth, and get the shining and healthy hair you ever dream about? First of all, let’s clarify the ambiguity about Castor Oil, it has nothing to do with the cute dam building animals. Castor Oil is extracted from the seeds of the Ricinus communis plant, multi-purpose vegetable oil that’s been used in traditional […]

toxic chemicals in cosmetic products

7 toxic chemicals in cosmetic products you don’t know about

Let’s dive into the dark side of the beauty industry, and go beyond the tempting shopping experience, the colorful packaging, and the captivating scent that comes out of the cosmetic products we use. Let’s for once question the components contained in our beauty products. what are they made of? Cosmetics consist of different types of components, chemicals substances and other ingredients, each of which plays a role in the final preparation. About 400 different toxic chemicals in cosmetic products are now […]

5 safe home recipes to lighten your skin naturally

5 safe home recipes to lighten your skin naturally

Who doesn’t dream of clear and shiny skin, free of all impurities and scars? In fact, some of us may find it something very hard to achieve, especially when our skin is being exposed to a tremendous amount of irritating factors every day, resulting in dullness and dark spots. In this article, we will show you how to lighten your skin naturally with safe ingredients we all have at home, without using all the expensive cosmetic products. What causes the […]


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